Butt Welding Method

This method is highly preferred in using medium and large size pipes. Assembling the pipes, each end is heated with welding equipment to a certain degree. After a certain period of time with a specific level of pressure the solution is obtained. Then each end is attached and exposed to pressure. This the ma- terial is joined together by means of fusion.

Electro-Fusion Method

In the electro-fusion method, copper wires are connected on the joints of the pipes. When electric is given, these wires melt the joints through heating. Thus welding is completed as a result of the pressure over inside of the pipe.

Note: Butt Welding and Electro-fusion method can be used in both pipes (PE-100 and PE-80).

Caplin Method

Caplin is dismantled and pipe ends are attached tight using the supplementary parts. In this method, great care should be given on gaskets not budge. Otherwise leaks will be inevitable.