About Us

The Akansu Group whose central province is in Kayseri began its trade life in 1915 with glass manufacture.  In time with the advancements in technology  by entering the glazing manufacturing system, it pioneered in this sector and continually in 1996 it started plastic window and door profile systems which has the appropriate standards of CE. In a short time, it became a firm that is sought in the market in both sectors.

Our firm which has a hundred-year past started  manufacturing polyethylene  and PVC pipe  with the brandname AKANSU PIPE. Our firm, AKANSU PIPE,  which was founded in 1996 has been active in production in 160.000 m2-land, 75.000 m2 of which is indoors.

Our aim is to produce and present high-quality  commodities that ensure customer satisfaction by following new technologies  in the  developing and changing  world.

The pipes we produce has TSE and ISO 9001-2008 certificate and we have laboratories with all the necessary test equipment and experienced quality insurance staff, via which  the products  are checked out in each and every production process.

The pipes we produce;

  • U-PVC Pressure Clean Water Pipes
  • PE-100 High Density Polyethylene Pipes
  • PE-80 Natural Gas Pipes
  • (LDPE) Low Density Polyethylene Pipes
  • Corrugated Pipe
  • PP-R Pipe
  • PVC Sewage Pipes
  • Pex-b / PE-RT Pipes
  • Polyethylene Irrigation Pipes

Our present production capacity is in polyethylene pipes is 140 tone a day and in PVC Pipes is 130 tone a day. Via using the latest technologies and machines, our firm adopts high-qualified service for both pre and post sales, and we will be proud of presenting our customers the best by evaluating all their needs and complaints.